About Our Site

One Percenter Bikers was started in 2015 in order to provide a single source of information on outlaw motorcycle clubs.

It is easy to find out when the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club was founded, but what about a more obscure club like the Market Street Commandos who have since been patched over and don’t have a website or Facebook fan page? You could try Wikipedia, but you will quickly realise that there are some large gaps, with some page moderators in place who make closing those gaps challenging to say the least.

We don’t allow comments on articles, as generally comment sections on this subject are filled with only opinion, not fact. People have extremely strong feelings on the subject of one percenter motorcycle clubs on both sides of the fence. We would prefer to spend our time researching and writing, rather than moderating fights in a comments section.

We bring together the millions of articles which have been scattered across the internet, books and other forms of media and combine them into an easy to read summary.

We have no affiliation with any club and aim to provide only fact-based articles, not opinion pieces. Our aim isn’t to pick sides, we are just putting together the pieces of published information that has been scattered all over the place.

It is the history of outlaw motorcycle clubs that we are interested in. We believe it is a history worth telling. If you have made it this far, no matter which side you are on, then you probably believe the same thing too.

If something on our site is inaccurate and you can provide us additional fact-based information, please contact us.

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