Comanchero MC (Motorcycle Club)

Comanchero MC, often referred to as the Comancheros, or incorrectly Comancheros MC are an outlaw one percenter motorcycle club who were founded in Sydney, Australia in 1966.

They are known for the military style leadership of their founder, Jock Ross, as well as being an enemy of the Bandidos MC, who they went to war with in the Milperra Massacre (Father’s Day Massacre) in September of 1984.

There is also a club by the name of Comancheros mentioned in Hunter S. Thompson’s classic book Hells Angels. They are not believed to have any connections with the club discussed in the article, however due to the book being published in 1966 they would have been using the name “Comancheros” before the Australian club was founded.

Comanchero MC Patch Logo
Comanchero MC Patch Logo

Comanchero MC History

The Comanchero Motorcycle Club was founded in 1966 in the city of Sydney, Australia.

The founder of the club was a Scottish immigrant by the name of Jock Ross. Jock ruled the club with a strong hand, introducing military tactics to take them into war against other clubs. He also gave the members military style titles, his own being the “Supreme Commander”.

The club name of Comanchero MC is said to have come after Jock Ross watched the John Wayne movie titled “The Comancheros”.

In 1982 the Comanchero MC Sydney City chapter was started by Anthony “Snodgrass” Spencer. This chapter was then later patched over by Bandidos MC, which in the process made the chapter enemies of the rest of the Comanchero Motorcycle Club. The move to change the chapter over to the Bandidos MC came after several of the chapter members were not happy with the leadership style and direction taken by their founder and Supreme Commander, Jock Ross. These disagreements and the patching over to the Bandidos MC all came to a boiling point on Father’s Day of 1984, a day which will forever be known in the outlaw biker community and media as the Father’s Day Massacre, also known as the Milperra Massacre.

In 2004 the Comanchero MC expanded to Europe, with the first chapter starting in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In October 2016 it was rumoured that the exile of a number of Comancheros from Australia has led some members of the Comanchero motorcycle club to group in the Taranaki, New Zealand region.

Comanchero MC Clubhouse Milperra
Comanchero MC Clubhouse Milperra

Comanchero MC Patch and Motto

The Comanchero MC Patch has a condor as a focus, with a yellow and red coloring on a black background.

The club motto is ACCA, which stands for “Always Comanchero, Comanchero Always”. This is very similar in style to other clubs including the Bandidos MC who use BFFB “Bandidos Forever, Forever Bandidos”, and the Hells Angels MC who use AFFA “Angels Forever, Forever Angels”.

Comanchero MC Patch Logo
Comanchero MC Patch Logo

Comanchero MC Chapters

There are four main areas in which Comanchero Motorcycle Club operate. These are as follows:

  • Comanchero MC Australia
    • Comanchero MC Sydney
    • Comanchero MC Perth (located in Wellman Street, Northbridge)
    • Comanchero MC Melbourne
    • Comanchero MC Adelaide
  • Comanchero MC Spain
  • Comanchero MC Bosnia and Herzegovina (Comanchero MC Sarajevo)
  • Comanchero MC Russia
Comanchero MC Clubhouse Great Lakes Australia
Comanchero MC Clubhouse Great Lakes Australia

Famous Comanchero MC Members

William George “Jock” Ross – Founder / Supreme Commander

Jock Ross founded the Comanchero MC and ruled with a military style, providing himself with the title of Supreme Commander. Jock was born in Scotland and immigrated to Australia.

View our article on Jock Ross.

Comanchero MC Jock Ross
Comanchero MC Jock Ross

Mick Hawi – Former President / Convicted of Murder

Mick Hawi was a former Comanchero MC President. He was convicted of the murder of Hells Angels MC Anthony Zervas. This stabbing attack occurred as part of the Sydney Airport Brawl in 2009.

Comanchero MC Mick Hawi
Comanchero MC Mick Hawi

Duax Ngakuru – President

Duax Ngakuru was elected as the Comanchero MC National President in 2009.

Comanchero MC in the Media / Comanchero MC Crime

1984 – Australia – The Milperra Massacre / Father’s Day Massacre

Soon after the first Australian chapter of the Bandidos MC was founded by ex-Comancheros members, including Bandidos MC President Anthony Snodgrass Spencer, there was a bloody shootout in the Sydney suburb of Milperra with the Bandidos MC. This shootout resulted in the death of a 14 year old girl, as well as 6 others and 28 injured. The Bandidos MC allies the Mobshitters MC were also at the event.

This event occurred on Sunday the 2nd of September 1984, which was Father’s Day in Australia, hence this event also being known as the Father’s Day Massacre.

2009 – Australia – The Sydney Airport Brawl

On Sunday March 22nd, 2009 a fight broke out at the Sydney International Airport between members of the Hells Angels MC and the Comanchero MC.

It is believed that up to 15 members from the clubs were involved in the fight, which was possibly the result of a member from each club being on the same flight from Melbourne. Anthony Zervas, a member of the Hells Angels MC, was stabbed to death.

Six Comancheros were arrested in relation to the incident. The then Comanchero President, Mick Hawi, was found guilty of murder on November 2nd, 2011. This was one of a few incidents in the outlaw motorcycle gang community that led to Anti-bikie Legislation being formed in 2012 and a large focus being placed on the motorcycle community in general by the Australian media.

2012 – Australia. Anti-Bikie Legislation

Anti-Bikie Legislation – In 2012 legislation was passed in Australia to ban entry to anyone showing patches, jewellery or any other items representing the following outlaw motorcycle clubs:

2012 – 29 January, 2012. Former South Australian Comanchero MC high ranking member Vince Focarelli and his 22 year old son Giovanni Focarelli are shot in Dry Creek, South Australia. Giovanni Focarelli dies, Vince Focarelli is injured. This had been the fourth attempt on the life of Vince Focarelli in recent times after he had feuds within the Comanchero MC as well as with the Hells Angels MC. It is believed that the shooter was travelling with the pair in the car before exiting the vehicle and firing the shots. In April 2015 police announce that they had arrested a member of the Descendants Motorcycle Club who had allegedly been picked up at the Descendants Dry Creek clubhouse by the pair.


Comanchero MC Enemies

The Bandidos MC are one of the Comanchero MC enemies, this has stemmed from the founding of the Bandidos MC in Australia, which was the result of several of the Comanchero MC members leaving the motorcycle club after disagreements formed with the leadership style of Jock Ross.

The Hells Angels MC are also Comanchero MC Enemies. This can be seen by the 2009 Sydney Airport Brawl, which resulted in the death of Anthony Zervas, a member of the Hells Angels MC.

Notorious MC were enemies, however they are no longer an active club.

Comanchero Books / TV:

Television – Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms

In 2012 a tv mini-series Bikie Wars – Brothers in Arms (Amazon link opens in a new tab) was released in Australia. The show follows the rivalry between the Comanchero MC and Bandidos MC, ultimately leading to the 1984 Father’s Day Massacre (Milperra Massacre).

Comanchero MC Bikie Wars Brothers in Arms DVD
Comanchero MC Bikie Wars Brothers in Arms DVD

Comanchero Book – Brothers In Arms: Bikie Wars by Lindsay Simpson and Sandra Harvey. The original book on which the television mini-series was based, covering the events surround the 1984 Father’s Day Massacre against the Bandidos MC. Find out more on Amazon (link opens in a new tab).

Comanchero Book Brothers In Arms Bikie Wars
Comanchero Book Brothers In Arms Bikie Wars

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