George Wethern – Hells Angels

George Wethern, is a former Vice President of the Hells Angels Oakland chapter, but is now in witness protection.

George Wethern Hells Angels – Early Life / Personal Life

George Wethern grew up in Oakland, California. His parents worked as a bartender and phone operator.

When only 16 years of age his girlfriend became pregnant, he dropped out of school and joined the Air Force, later leaving the service with an undesirable discharge.

At the time of his arrest he was described as being bearded and 260 pounds.

After testifying against the Hells Angels he was put into the witness protection program along with his wife and two children (see the “Crime” section further down in this article for more information).

His current location is unknown.

George Wethern Hells Angels – Club Involvement

He became a member of the Hells Angels Oakland chapter, where he was known by the name of “Baby Huey”.

Through his friendships in the club, particularly with the President Sonny Barger, he rose to the position of Vice President of the Oakland chapter.

Around 1970 he left the Hells Angels, however still remained in contact with many members before later reaching a deal for immunity with law enforcement and later entering the witness protection program (see the “Crime” section below for further details).

George Wethern Baby Huey Hells Angels

George Wethern Hells Angels – Crime

Three bodies had been left by members of the club at George Wethern’s 156 acre ranch located near Ukiah in norther California. It is claimed that this particular property, which was believed to have been purchased with club money but placed in Wethern’s name, was used to dispose of the bodies as George Wethern owed a debt to William “Zorro” Mitten, after allegedly shooting him at a party while in a drugged state in 1969.

The bodies were left inside abandoned wells on the property.

  • A young woman who had been shot in the head.
  • The other two bodies being those of Hells Angels Prospecting members, Big Tom Shull, age 24 and Charles Barker, age 30, who were trying to stage a coup, so were strangled to death. According to Wild Bill Pifer the two had been given cups of coffee which had been spiked with LSD.

George is not believed to have been involved in the murders, but had left the keys of the ranch with William Mitten and was told to not be at the property on a designated weekend.

Whispering Bill Pifer had been in Alameda County Jail, located in Oakland, California along with Sonny Barger. Cancer was taking over his body and he didn’t have long to live. In an effort to spend some time on the outside before his death he made a deal for immunity, turning witness to the murders, pointing the finger at the ranch where George Wethern lived with his wife.

A raid was performed on the ranch, where drugs and weapons were found, along with the bodies. George was promptly arrested along with his wife. The search of the ranch continued for around a week, as police believed that there were up to 12 other bodies buried on the property.

After his arrest he decided to turn state witness in a deal which saw him receive immunity in return for advising police of the location of the bodies on his ranch.

On 7 November, 1972 he was sharing a jail cell with his wife and asked her for some pencils, which she handed to him. He then stabbed the pencils into his own eyes, at which point his wife began screaming. He then began choking her, at which point jail wardens separated the pair.

He went on to testify in court against the Hells Angels members allegedly involved in the murders. View the court record for the appeal of William “Zorro” Mitten.

George Wethern Hells Angels – Media

Wayward Angel: The Full Story Of The Hells Angels by George Wethern with Vincent Colnett.

This book provides some insight into George Wethern’s life, joining the Hells Angels and finally turning state witness and testifying against his Hells Angels brothers while going into witness protection.

Find out more on Amazon (link opens in a new tab).

George Wethern with Vincent Colnett – Wayward Angel

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